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Analysis Tools

Data Analysis, Post-processing, and Archiving Tools

DSPCon’s high-performance software works in conjunction with our digital signal processing hardware to provide robust real-time and post-processing analytical capabilities for demanding, large-channel-count applications.

DSPCon's standard run-time and utilities software bundles are delivered with all our data acquisition and analysis systems, providing data capture and inspection, test definition, system, recording and interface control. Additionally, DSPCon offers a variety of specialized software bundles for specific application requirements.

Like many of our standard hardware products, DSPCon software tools are designed with a COTS approach and based on Open Standards. Run them on any and all PCs that are networked to our standard data acquisition systems or recorders. Our software can be mixed and matched, providing the exact functionality you need at the price you want to pay.

DSPCon software tools are grouped by technical area (see Application Box this page) to satisfy specific application requirements for those performing shock and vibration, acoustic and rotating machinery analyses as well as a variety of post-processing, archiving and general analysis functions.

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Analysis Tools

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