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Instrument Control Package


Instrument Control Package

Now, the Power of 32 Oscilloscopes and Spectrum Analyzers in One, Cost-Effective Software Package!

If your shock, vibration or rotating machinery application requires real-time monitoring of multiple channels, our Instrument Control Software Package is an absolute must! It combines DSPCon’s Limits & Alarms, Amplifier Interface and MultiScope tools into one user-friendly software bundle that runs on any Windows-based PC or laptop to provide you with the functionality of multiple, traditional laboratory instruments without the bulk or cost. Compatible with many DSPCon data acquisition, analysis and recording systems, this unique software bundle facilitates highly flexible and accurate testing of your critical shock and vibration applications while delivering superior real-time analytical capabilities.


A must for any application that requires real-time monitoring of multiple channels

MultiScope is a user-friendly, graphic visualization HMI for monitoring or displaying data while it's being acquired. Available in run-time, remote, or online versions to facilitate data monitoring and replay anytime and anyplace, it's a cost-effective, space-efficient solution to the inconvenience and clutter of racks and racks of small oscilloscopes. In essence, MultiScope is an array of up to 32 miniature digital oscilloscopes and/or spectrum analyzers. Each scope has all of the display power of any modern oscilloscope, plus all the capabilities of a spectrum analyzer, and beyond. What's more, you can combine MultiScope in 32-channel increments for a virtually infinite number of real-time displays. 

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Amplifier Control Interface

The Amplifier Control Interface provides rapid and easy gain configuration, creation, modification and maintenance to enhance the visibility of test data as well as the flexibility and safety of testing operations. It directly manipulates gains on any logical channel and interfaces via Ethernet to DSPCon’s system executive software. This enables it to be run remotely by any PC that has been given appropriate privileges to access the workstation on which the system executive software is running.

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Limits & Alarms

The Limits and Alarms software tool displays graphic and numeric viewing of statistics calculated by the real-time processing software in DSPCon’s data acquisition systems. It performs time and frequency domain peak detection and presents alarm information in several graphical forms for quick information interpretation and timely reaction to alarm conditions. All channels within the data acquisition system can be monitored and displays include channel status indicators, bar-graph level indicators, and overlays and peak tracking cursors on spectral displays. The software also has an alarm latching feature that provides a reliable mechanism for reporting very short time duration alarm conditions to the operator and that helps to ensure that the operator does not miss such an alarm condition.

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