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Rotating Machinery Analysis Software


Rotating Machinery Analysis

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DSPCon’s rotating machinery analysis software is a comprehensive set of tools for the analysis of cyclical machinery behavior.

It processes industry-standard CATS and DATX data files to provide a variety of single- and two-channel analyses that are functions of time or RPM.

A proprietary tachometer analyzer determines the relationship between time and RPM for up to four tachometers, and algorithms determine, plot and create output files that represent:

  • Amplitude vs Time
  • Waterfall Analysis
  • Time Point Analysis (including Time History, Spectra and Probability)
  • Order Analysis (narrowband analysis with constant or proportional-to-RPM bandwidth)
  • Cross-Channel Analysis (including Cross and Auto Spectra, Transfer Function and Coherence
  • Campbell Diagram
  • Cepstrum Analysis

This user-friendly software application provides a comprehensive set of features specifically designed for rotating machinery requirements, making it an ideal solution for jet engine test applications

  • Tachometer Analysis
    • Number of tachometers: up to 3
    • Tachometer types: pulse, sinusoid
    • Tachometer ratios: arbitrary
  • Time Series Preconditioning
    • Integration
      • Single (Gs to IPS)
      • Single (IPS to Inches)
      • Double (Gs to Inches)
    • High- and Low-pass Filtering
      • Multiple filter characteristics
  • Spectral Calculation Parameters
    • Block size: arbitrary
    • Maximum frequency displayed
    • Windows: none, Hanning, hamming, Blackman-Harris, 4-term Blackman Harris, 7-term Blackman-Harris, Blackman, LabVIEW Flat-top, P301
  • Noise (data block) rejection: optional, based on crest factor
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