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Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

At DSPCon, our goal is to provide customers with world-class solutions and support that cost-effectively meet their mission-critical data acquisition and analysis needs, whatever they may be. While our portfolio of standard systems has been designed to address most test, measurement and signal processing requirements, and represents our core competency, we realize there are times when applications and projects require a custom or outsourced solution. To address this need, DSPCon maintains one of the industry’s most respected systems integration and engineering consulting organizations to work in partnership with our client’s engineers to design and deliver best practice solutions for a variety of applications and projects.


Whether your needs center on a complete “turnkey” system, a customized software application, creating a risk-mitigation plan or developing feasibility studies, DSPCon works closely with you to help you accurately plan your design and deployment, on time and under budget. We provide complete application and project planning services including project management, requirements analysis, and joint application design sessions with accountable project teams. We also utilize only open-standard architectures and COTS-based components in our custom systems to ensure cost-effective scalability and performance while minimizing obsolescence.


With an enviable track record of successfully deploying hundreds of cost- and time-efficient custom solutions to customers in the aerospace, telecommunications, military and defense industries, many of our standard, “off-the-shelf” systems, that are now accepted as industry standards, started out as custom projects for such prestigious organizations as Raytheon, MIT, Pratt and Whitney and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC).


If you want to start realizing the numerous benefits that can be achieved with a DSPCon-engineered custom solution including optimized capital and human resources, compressed project timelines, and a 24x7 virtual development environment, contact us today.


Examples of Custom Systems

System 2212
FPDP Recorder and Reproducer

System 2321
32-Channel Analog Recording System

System 2423
Ruggedized, Multi-Channel Data Acquisition System with Remote Monitoring

4-Channel, Wideband Recorder with Advanced Spectral Processing

System 2217
L-Band Radar Recorder

System 2223
Portable, Ruggedized, Multi-Channel Digital and Analog IF Recorder

System 2711
Serial PCM or Digital I/O Tape Recorder

System 2712
2- to 10-Channel PCM Recorder

System 2722
Multi-Channel Audio and Video Recording System

System 2811
Audio Digital Recorder and Playback System with VoIP Option

System 2921
32-Channel Analog Replay System with Advanced Framing

System 3112
Wideband and Tunable Narrowband, High-Speed Recording System

System 3121(R)
Wideband, Multi-Channel Sonar Recording System with Ruggedized Option

System 3311
Flight-Capable Pulse Doppler Radar Recorder

System 3510
Dual-Redundant, Fault-Tolerant, Multi-Channel Recorder

System 3521
Wideband/Narrowband Recorder/Demodulator with Real-Time Analysis

System 3721
UHF Narrowband Scanner & Spectrum Analyzer

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