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DSPCon Solutions: Acquiring, Processing, and Managing the World's Data

DSPCon Test & Measurement Solutions

Acquiring & analyzing data. Generating knowledge for the Enterprise.
DSPCon offers the right tools for the right job. A variety of acquisition solutions and analysis software offers the industry's most comprehensive and configurable solutions. 

DataFlex Data Acquisition Solutions

  • Built-in signal conditioning
  • Unlimited channels
  • Use the built-in touch screen or remote access
  • Built-in storage

For more about DataFlex: Click here.

PodLink Platform

  • Flexible & ruggedized
  • Built-in signal conditioning
  • Easily placed on or near jet engine and other test items
  • Use in-lab or in-flight
  • Highly customizable solutions 

 For more about PodLink: Click here.

Piranha 4 (P4) Data Processing Engine

  • Centralized storage & recording
  • Online processing
  • Real-time time-series data
  • Ubiquitous GUI for control & configuration
  • Powerful, enterprise-level solution 

For more about P4: Click here.

Monitoring & Analysis

For more analysis solutions: Click here.

Enterprise-wide Archiving, Retrieval & Analysis

  • Fast & easy access to historical data allows engineers to focus on innovation
  • Permits “googling” through years of test data
  • Enterprise-wide solution
  • Use robust analysis tools to compare historical data with current tests

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Great Features of DSPCon Solutions

DSPCon Solutions

Analysis Tools

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