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Archiving Solutions

Store your historical data in an environment optimized to help find answers quickly

DSPCon Archiving Solution Overview

Harness answers from years of testing

Universal Data Server (UDS) Turn data into valuable knowledge that can improve product quality, make business processes more efficient, and drive decision making. DSPCon’s archive managers, catalog servers, networked attached storage (NAS) systems, and Data Hauler systems work together to offer incredible value.

  • Efficient indexing, annotation and search methodologies help you mine your historical information quickly and effectively.
  • Long-term, redundant storage puts years of analyzed and raw data at your fingertips.
DSPCon Enterprise Solutions

PodLink Architecture Example

DSPCon’s Enterprise Solution

Over the entire life of your test efforts, the enterprise solution delivers indexed, archived, searchable test results that can be processed in multiple ways. Test metadata and annotations eases the complexity of searching for historical test results.

  • Historical correlation:
    Allows test engineers to gather and correlate results from recent tests with historical tests to uncover patterns.
  • New product design:
    Allows design engineers to verify simulation models across archived test information to sharpen predictive capabilities in support of new product designs.
  • PHM:
    For Prognostic Health Management, engineers can develop, refine and optimize PHM algorithms by processing historical data automatically, and comparing predictions with historical results.
  • CBM:
    For Condition-Based Maintenance, engineers can leverage detailed records across fleets of vehicles, to better predict maintenance needs in the field.


Enterprise-class Data Acquisition with DataFlex and PodLink platforms

DSPCon’sDataFlex series, and PodLink platform work together to offer flexible and reliable solutions for quickly acquiring critical data from large channel-count tests.

Real-time Data Collection, Aggregation & Distribution with UDS

DSPCon’s Universal Data Server captures, manages, and manipulates your data in real-time for nearly immediate views into your acquired data.

Click here to download the UDS Datasheet.

Archiving & Long-term analysis with Archiving & Storage solutions

Mine years of accumulated data for the valuable answers you need to improve your processes and deliver the answers that drive decisions.

Click here to download the Archive Solutions Datasheet.

Archiving Solutions Components

Archive Manager & Catalog Server

  • Provides a searchable database containing
    • Metadata for recorded files
    • Operator and analyst annotations
    • Derived graphical information
  • Generates SQL database records automatically as files are loaded
  • User-friendly web portal for searching & reports
  • Run on Linux Server with COTS hardware

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

  • Extensible storage in excess of 4 Petabytes
  • Easy user access through intranet/network portals
  • Backup protection: RAID-based and/or off-site redundancy

Data Hauler

  • 4U chassis integrates DataFlex disks into archives
  • System drive: 250GB SATA II (Removable, keyed separately)
DSPCon Solutions

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