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BroadFlex 3800

DSPCon Solutions: BroadFlex 3800 Wideband Flight-capable Data Recorder

Wideband, Flight-Capable Data Recorder
BroadFlex-3800 Featuring small form factors and low power consumption, the new BroadFlex-3800 series of ELINT and COMINT data recorders represents an ideal, sophisticated, compact, data recording solution for a wide variety of IF and radar signals, in flight and shipboard, at high speeds and high volume. In operation, one to 32 intermediate frequency analog signals can be recorded to two, high-density, ultra-compact JBOD storage units. Post flight data acquisition download of stored data is easily accomplished due to a powerful, PC-based analyzer that allows the operator to search for and selectively archive data. With one of the smallest footprints of any flight-capable data recorder on the market today, the BroadFlex-3800 is an ideal solution for UAV's, submarines and small aircraft.
  • All components designed to withstand high operating altitudes
  • Expandable channel count from 1 to 32
  • Remote monitoring and control via Ethernet
  • High capacity data storage in twin, compact JBOD arrays (airborne) and ground-based small RAID form factor
  • Modular, expandable storage options from 640 Gbytes per channel to 4 Tbytes per channel
  • Maximizes aircraft or vessel real estate - One of the smallest footprints of any flight-capable data recorder available
  • Economical - Half the size, cost and power consumption of traditional recorders
  • Highly Configurable
Technical Specifications Summary:
  • Up to 160 Msamples/sec sampling rate
  • 1-32 channels of 16 bit A/Ds
  • Under 70 lbs.; 560 watts (8 channels)
  • 0° C - 50° C operating temperature, non-condensing

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