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DataFlex-1000 Series

DataFlex 1000 Series


DataFlex-1000 & DataFlex-1000A Series

High-Speed, High-Capacity Recorders - NOW WITH BUILT-IN SIGNAL CONDITIONING!
DSPCon's DataFlex Series -- with built-in signal conditioning -- takes real-time, high-performance data acquisition and analysis to a new level.
With more bandwidth capacity, storage alternatives, scalability, and with configurability for any type of sensor or signal conditioning, DataFlex continues to lead the competition in price, performance and value!   
Built-in Signal Conditioning
Featuring state-of-the-art, fully-integrated signal conditioning, DataFlex supports a wide variety of strain, IEPE, thermocouple, and multi-mode conditioners, as well as instrumentation amplifiers and frequency-to-voltage conversion. Signal conditioning is fully compatible with all DataFlex models, fully-integrated, and self-calibrating.
Whether you have a 16-channel standard DataFlex system, or a 1,000-channel customized solution, each channel can be set-up with spreadsheet, or with an easy-to-use comprehensive GUI. Access the DataFlex GUI either locally by attaching a monitor,  remotely via an integrated Ethernet connection, or through the DataFlex-1000's built-in touch screen. 
The DataFlex series has been specifically designed to provide an easy, cost-effective way to perform a wide variety of tests, and satisfy a multitude of applications, without investing in separate signal-conditioning plug-in modules. Some have even used the DataFlex system as a stand-alone signal conditioner when data recording is not required.
Use DataFlex solutions in a broad range of rotating machinery applications including:   
  • Turbine engine monitoring
  • Energy generation
  • Acoustic testing within the aerospace industry
  • High-value shock and vibration testing for major Department of Defense customers and prime contractors  
Accommodating analog and digital requirements for a wide variety of vibration, telemetry, voice and video data storage applications, the DataFlex Series features a number of high-capacity, “hot-swappable” storage options, an analog bandwidth capacity of 97.2 kHz per channel with anti-alias filtering, and no degradation of bandwidth as channel count increases. Use DataFlex systems as a high-performance, stand-alone data record/replay unit; a virtual lab instrument; or a full-function data analyzer (when integrated with DSPCon’s analytical software packages). The DataFlex produces and accepts a variety of data formats and directly writes to the DATX format (currently the data format of choice at a number of leading Fortune 100 organizations).
DataFlex 1000: An integrated touch-screen display
The DataFlex-1000 features a space-saving design and full system control, set-up and status via an integrated touch-screen display, making it an ideal choice for laboratory environments

DataFlex 1000A: Space-saving design 
The DataFlex-1000A features a sleek, portable, rack-mountable design with full system control, set-up and display through any connected PC or laptop. The DataFlex-1000A is ideal for high-vibration environments. 
Features and Benefits: 
  • Comprehensive support for all types of sensors including voltage-excited strain gauges, RTDs, current excited bridges, accelerometers, IEPE, and voltage output devices
  • Fully-integrated to save time and money and by eliminating the need for additional, separate, plug-in signal conditioning modules
  • Full end-to-end calibration with three built-in, precision shunt resistors
  • Automatic and manual bridge balancing
  • Over voltage, compliance voltage, short-circuit continuous monitoring on each channel
  • Automatic gain selection
  • Produces and accepts a variety of data formats including DATX and UFF-58
  • Can be used as an audio recorder that directly writes to WAV file formats
  • Compatible with (and a replacement for) many popular recorder models, including Sony SIR-1000 and SIR-3000 models
  • High capacity, flexible storage options (dual 1TB or 750 Gbyte hard disk drives or optional dual LTO-4 800 Gbyte tapes or solid-state memory storage devices up to 128 Gbytes each). These significantly reduce recurring storage costs
  • Infinite, lossless recording capability with unique, “change-on-the-fly”, “hot –swappable” digital media functionality improves operational efficiency through a reduced number of tape transfers
  • High-bandwidth, up to 97.2 kHz per channel (across all channels), and adjustable sampling frequency (1 kHz to 216 kHz)
  • Optional MultiScope software provides up to 32 real-time displays
  • Simple installation and ease-of-use with no special training or extensive learning curve required for external/outsourced personnel 
  • Full 24-bit analog data capture capability as a factory-installed option
General Series Specification Highlights:
(Standard, 16-channel, analog base unit)
Sampling Frequency:
Adjustable 1 kHz to 216 kHz, selectable
Up to 97.2 kHz per channel (across all channels), 24 bits rounded to 16 bits
Standard 16 or 32 channel base unit, infinitely expandable in 16 or 32 channel increments, to produce large channel count synchronously sampled systems
Storage Media:
Dual “hot swappable”, front-mounted 1TB or 750 Gbyte hard disk drives or optional dual LTO-4 800 Gbyte tape units or solid state memory storage devices up to 128 Gbytes each
Input Quantization:
24 bits rounded to 16
Input Impedance:
1 mega-ohm
Input Range:
+/-0.1 to +/-10 volts in 1, 2 & 5 steps
IEPE Excitation:
3-21 mA
Dynamic Range:
>88 dB (measured at input > +/-1 volt)
Output Impedance:
50 Ohm
Output Level:
+/-10 volts in .01 volt steps
Total Harmonic Distortion:
< -84 dB (Input to Output)

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