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DataFlex Portable Recorders

DataFlex 500/515 Series of Portable Data Recorders

DataFlex-500/515 Series
Portable Data Recorders
The new DataFlex-500/515 Series  fully leverages DSPCon’s reputation in providing the industry’s highest-rated, large-channel-count data acquisition and analysis systems to deliver a portable solution for field- and remote-based applications requiring high-speed data recording along with real-time data analysis and archiving of up to 64 channels.
The DataFlex-515 is a rugged, ultra- portable, battery-powered lunchbox data recorder specifically designed for extended use in the field. It combines a flame-retardant design with fully integrated keyboard and 15-inch, anti-glare screen, high capacity recording (dual 500 GB hard disk drives), and  two, hot-swappable, dual lithium ion battery packs to provide a total of 100 watts of output power and 190 watt-hours of capacity, delivering an unmatched four hours of continuous operation.  Its ease of set-up in the field, along with its rugged outer housing, robust safety features, and extended battery life make it an ideal solution for data and video recording of seismic, flight line, in-flight, and factory floor applications.

The Data-Flex-500 data recorder features a 750 Gbyte SATA drive, a large 17-inch, anti-glare screen and an all-aluminum, heavy-duty housing with shock-absorbing corner protection, making it ideal for turbine pump and motor testing.
Series Features:
  • Open-standards, non-proprietary design
  • Records data while performing extensive displays and real-time data tests at bandwidths up to 115kHz
  • Sample rate of up to 256,000 samples/second/channel
  • Supports a wide range of data extraction options including Ethernet, DVD, USB, etc.
  • Standard 32-channel configuration with optional 64-channel capacity available
Standard Software Highlights:
  • Easy-to-use GUI with wizard
  • Spreadsheet set-up for defining test parameters including EU conversions, channel names, spectral processing parameters, limits processing thresholds, annotations and more
  • EU conversion in real-time & conversion factors written to output data files
  • MultiScope real-time display
  • Playback of data displays with indexing & speed controls
  • End-to-end calibration of all common signal conditioning & sensors
  • Export to various file formats (DATX/CATS, UFF58, CSV, ATI and more)
  • Durable, modular signal conditioning solution available as an option
Technical Specifications Summary:
Sampling Rate:
Range: up to 256,000 samples/second/channel
Resolution: .001 samples/ second
Up to 115 kHz
Number of Bits:
24 bits optionally rounded to 16 bits
>90 dB
>95 dB
>90 dB
Simultaneous Sampling:
Inter-channel Skew: <50 ns
Inter-channel Phase Match: <0.1 degree @ 10 kHz,
<1 degree @ 90 kHz
Input Slew Rate:
Frequency Response:
±0.1 dB, DC to 90 kHz up to 200,000 samples/sec
Input Type:
32 channels, differential input ± 10 v full scale
Input Impedance:
100 Kohms
100 dB Typical
Input Anti-alias Filter:
Analog: 2-pole Butterworth at 320 kHz
Secondary Digital Filter:
Digital: Sigma-Delta @ .4535 x Sample Rate
Factory calibrated to +/-0.05%, traceable to NIST
Input with time stamping to 1 msec accuracy

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