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Sonobuoy SDR (Software Defined Radio)


Data acquisition, recording and receiver systems from DSPCon help military, government and commercial organizations extract mission-critical information out of their sonar systems. Featuring centralized data acquisition, data streaming and logging from numerous channels at extremely high record and playback rates, DSPCon solutions are utilized by test ranges, surface vessels, fixed and rotary wing aircraft for submarine detection and surveillance; outputting critical speed and depth data to weapon and combat systems; and providing accurate measurement of ocean temperatures and salinity for climatology and oceanography studies.


System 3422 Sonobuoy Software Defined Radio Receiver:

DSPCon Sonobuoy ReceiversDSPCon's specialized expertise in sonobuoy data processing is based on years of supplying advanced data acquisition and receiver systems with customized processing and packaging options to leading defense clients and prime contractors including the U.S. Navy, the Australian Navy and Lockheed Martin, to name just a few. Our unique design approach is predicated on the premise that less is more. Less hardware, less weight and far fewer parts than competitive offerings with significant Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) advantages thanks to our advanced architecture.

DSPCon's System 3422 is based on true, software defined radio technology, which means it is easily reconfigured when waveforms become more complex and can receive any combination of analog and digital sonobuoy radio signals with the same hardware, and without the need to replace receiver cards or circuitry. And, because our design approach is software-based, the System 3422 can more readily accommodate future requirements including additional encoding, encryption and modulation schemes, thereby resulting in greater overall economies. With fewer parts than competitive systems, DSPCon's receiver solution for sonobuoy signal processing features much higher mean time between failure (MTBF) rates, greater spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) performance, reduced weight and an optimized footprint for better onboard performance and overall efficiencies. 

  • Based on commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS), ruggedized hardware to resist obsolescence
  • Architecture can be expanded indefinitely in terms of channel count
  • Superior dynamic range facilitates receipt of close and distant transmitter signals simultaneously
  • Fully integrated with optional turn-key detection/tracking graphical software
  • Ideal for helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, test ranges and surface vessels
  • SWAP-optimized. Uses DSPCon architecture to provide lowest size, weight and power for given capacity of any available solution
Summarized Specifications:
  • Control: Ethernet or Mil-Std-1553
  • Simultaneously receives and processes up to 15 sonobuoy channels plus IRIG-B data
  • Input Frequency: 136-174 MHz
  • AIS Blocking Filter: (160.9375-162.4375 MHz) & UHF Uplink Filter (for 291.4 MHz)
  • Demodulation Schemes: FM, FSK, PSK, GMSK (GQPSK)
  • Non-harmonic SFDR: 70dB (typical)
  • Processing Capability: 1.3 GHz Power PC Plus Virtex-2 per 16 channels
  • Signal Support: ESM, Voice, DICASS & Time Code
  • Output: Ethernet, 1553 and/or Analog Out
  • Stanag 4283 Output Data Specification Compliance
  For additional information on the System 3422 Series, click one of the links below:


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