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Built-in Anti-Aliasing

Built-in Anti-Aliasing

Aliasing can be a prominent issue in data acquisition systems.  Aliasing refers to anomalies that occur due to the transition from analog signals to digital data.

DSPCon’s design-and-technology expertise is built-in to DSPCon data acquisition platforms and protects against aliasing issues. Built-in aliasing protection saves you from being concerned about the spectral content created from sensors or signal conditioning equipment that is provided as input to data acquisition devices.

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Protection from Aliasing in Data Acquisition Systems

During the development of DSPCon’s products, such as DataFlex, PodLink and Piranha, our engineers developed an analog signal chain that includes a differential input amplifier as the first stage in a four-stage process. This four-stage signal path is built in to DSPCon systems, offering data acquisition solutions free from aliasing issues.


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