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Enterprise-level Archive and Retrieval

Enterprise-level Solutions, including Archive and Retrieval

There's more to DSPCon than capturing and analyzing data. We haven't completed our mission until you're learning from the data you've captured, and using it throughout the lifecycle to improve your products, your processes, and your bottom line. 

DSPCon’s Enterprise Solutions offer flexible long-term methods for acquiring, analyzing, processing, retrieving and managing your critical test data. With DSPCon solutions, you can

  • acquire data from your tests 
  • capture, manage and manipulate your data in real-time
  • archive, retrieve, analyze, and publish answers from your accumulated historical data assets
DSPCon Archive solutions provide
  • Indexing and data management
  • Multiple simultaneous users
  • Direct network access to original DAQ system disk drives
  • Exporting of data file segments
  • Keyword searching of data files
  • Automatic association of data files to recordings

Use free-form or keyword/value search methods to deliver results that can be processed in multiple ways -- over the entire life of your test efforts.  DSPCon’s Archiver takes care of indexing and archiving -- allowing easy “googling” of your historical test results and analysis output. DSPCon supports your own Metadata and annotations, further easing the complexity of finding the right set of data.

Great Features of DSPCon Solutions

DSPCon Solutions

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